Unlock the secrets of cities around the world with Ciceru.

Explore the history of cities through interactive riddles and challenges on a self-guided walking tour that combines learning and fun.

Your Adventure Starts Here.

With Ciceru, your phone becomes a window to the past. Join self-guided interactive walking tours, filled with riddles and rich stories. No app needed, just instant access to a world of exploration.

Uncover the Past
Discover the origins and secrets of landmarks as their stories unfold before you.
Intuitive Navigation
Move confidently through the city with our easy-to-follow navigation prompts.
Audio Stories
Listen to the tales of the city and let its history guide your journey.
Interactive Riddles
Solve riddles at each stop to unlock the next destination.
Compete and Collaborate
Challenge friends for the top spot or team up for a shared victory.
No App Needed
Start your adventure with just a phone and an internet connection — exploring has never been easier!
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From professional guides to local and history experts, our creators bring each tour to life with their rich knowledge and enthusiasm, making every adventure unforgettable.

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