Unlock the secrets of your city, one step at a time with ciceru.

Explore the history of your city through interactive riddles and challenges on an auto-guided walking tour that combines learning and fun.

Your Adventure, Unleashed!

Ciceru turns your phone into a portal to the past. Embark on interactive walking tours, peppered with riddles and rich stories, all on a user-friendly web platform. No apps, just instant access to a world of exploration.

📜 Past Unpacked
Discover the origins and secrets of landmarks as their stories unfold before you.
🗺️ Guide on the Go
Walk the city with confidence as our intuitive navigation cues lead the way.
🎧 Audio Tales
Listen to the city's tales and let its history narrate your journey.
🎮 Riddle Quests
Solve riddles at each stop to unlock the next destination.
🏆 Rank & Revel
Play against friends for the top spot or unite for a shared victory.
📱 No App, Just Explore
Kick off your quest with just a phone and an internet connection — it's hassle-free exploring at its best!
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